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9 Reasons to use a Recruiter

We get it, it can seem silly to work with a recruiter when you can apply for positions online within a few minutes. A quick resume upload, a few tweaks to your cover letter, a few more clicks and you’re done- we’ve all been there. It’s so easy, but unfortunately, it is also often ineffective and not very quality. Are you wondering what the point of a recruiter is in the modern-day of Indeed, LinkedIn and social networks that range on the insane? We’re happy to answer that question.

1. They have the inside scoop

You know the classic phrase your parents always told you “it’s all about who you know?”. Well, recruiters have made a career out of knowing everyone and they use that network to set you up for success. Because they know the companies hiring, they likely know more than one suitable role that isn't posted online yet.

A hard fact to accept if you don’t work with a recruiter is that over 60% of jobs are filled by networks, not online applications. Take advantage of your recruiters network! If you become a client, their network becomes your network. Another rough stat? Over 75% of resumes don't even make it to the hiring manager. If you have a good recruiter, which we like to think we are at Decentralized, they are more likely to have the ear of the hiring manager from the beginning and you can skip the awkward stages of in-house HR.

2. They know exactly what companies are looking for

Have you noticed that a lot of job postings look really similar (or the same) even if they are for wildly different positions or different companies? It’s because a lot of organizations, especially those growing rapidly, don't have the time to sit down with their hiring managers and get into the details. Some growing companies might not even have a dedicated HR team yet, so C-suite team members are having to post, interview and hire for 10 different roles all while doing their job. Good recruiters will have an in with decision-makers and will deeply understand the needs of the employer. They can help you tailor your resume for the position, not the job posting.

3. They will put a ton of time and energy into knowing you

Sure, the good ones will help you out with your resume and cover letter. However, the special ones will take the time to really get to know you. They don’t just care about what is on your resume, but where your work radius is so you can pick up your kids in time, what State you want to live in for income tax reasons, what kind of work you want to do in 5 years, what kind of company culture works for you, and how big of a team you want to work in. Finding a job is emotional and complex, a fantastic recruiter acknowledges that and makes sure every piece fits.

4. They will save you tons of time

Did you know that the average job search in the US takes 5 months? Sure, individual applications take little time; however, all of those minuscule cover letter and resume changes you are doing add up. If you work with a good recruiter they will save you time by making sure you apply to the right jobs, ensure your application is seen by the right people and will organize the entire interview process for you. It’s about the quality of your application and interview process, not how many roles you mindlessly submit your resume to.

5. They can give you an idea of what the application process will look like

How many times have you had a few interviews, thought you were done and then BOOM they ask you to do 3 more plus a dinner meeting? We’ve been there. Sometimes internal HR teams will tell you what to expect, but a lot of the time they don’t. Recruiters will have a good idea of what the interview process looks like with your potential employer. They can help you prepare and ensure you know your potential time commitment. Sometimes companies want to move super fast and sometimes they want you to do an interview every week for a month- recruiters can let you know.

6. They have the ear of the employer

Like we mentioned before, a lot (A LOT) of resumes don’t even get seen by the hiring manager. Good recruiters will only put you in for roles they know you will be a good fit for, and employers trust that. If they have a good relationship with the hiring manager or the C-suite team, you have a way better chance of getting an interview.

7. They want long term hires

Sure, recruiters make a living off of people leaving their current jobs and looking for new ones; however, a good recruiter will want to place you somewhere that you will stay for years. They want to build that trust with the employer and with you. Some recruitment firms, especially the big ones, have a reputation for getting you any job as fast as they can, but the smaller ones that specialize in a certain industry depend on their relationships with employers and won’t do anything to sacrifice that.

8. They can help you negotiate salary

Ah yes, the awkward part. Because recruiters have a strong idea of salaries in your industry they know what you should be making. They can help you make sure you get what you are worth, along with vacation and benefits. They aren't shy about negotiating salary, they have done it a million times and know how the game is played.

9. They only get paid if you get the job

Another awkward part! Fortunately, if you are a candidate you don’t have to pay for anything. You don’t pay a recruiter for their assistance (and if they ask you to, please run away), the employer pays them upon hiring you. Recruiters are driven to do the best job they can and get you an incredible role because they also have lives and families to look after. They don’t get paid if you have four interviews and don’t get offered the role, so they are dedicated to making sure everyone is happy at the end of the day.

So there you have it- 9 reasons to use a recruiter! We hope this has helped demystify the recruitment industry for you and given you the confidence to reach out to someone you think you could work well with. If you have questions feel free to comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you happen to work in the crypto space or are curious about what that means/ what kind of jobs are open, contact us! We are all about crypto and would love to hear from you.

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