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We're "people persons" that decided to make a career out of it. We love what we do and find our worth in helping you find the best employee possible/ the perfect role for you. Because we recruit solely for cryptocurrency companies we are able to hone in and deeply understand your needs better than recruitment firms that deal with dozens of industries. We know crypto front to back and understand that crypto companies look for a very specific skill set when hiring. We help source candidates, make any tweaks to the job description you may need, set up meetings, negotiate salary, and help you complete your team. We can't wait to work with you. 


Know you're ready to grow but aren't sure what hires should be a priority? We can help with that. Growing a team is hard and complex work. In the early phases, that job is often left to c-suite positions. This often leads to them not having the capacity to do the job they were hired for. How do we help? Two ways- either we work with you as a consultant to set up a plan for your own internal recruitment/ hiring practices or we can sit down and make a growth plan together and you can leave the recruitment to us. Growth consultation can include: choosing priority hires, job posting creation, sourcing, initial interviews, background checks and salary negotiation. 


Our resume and cover letter services are perfect for those wanting to enter the crypto space but aren't too sure how to stand out. We have a call with you where we go over your skillset and experience and then help you create the best resume and cover letter that helps you be seen by the best companies. We know what companies are looking for better than anyone, and we would be thrilled to help you stand out amongst the crowd.

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